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Embroidery can be used on a wide range of clothing – from workwear to beanie hats, polo shirts to hi-vis jackets. We use state-of-the art computer controlled embroidering machines to get your design just right. The machines use high quality Madeira threads which are renowned for durability and holding colour. 

With each new design, the price is structured so that there is a one off set up charge for digitising your design. Your design will be sent to you for approval before embroidering your garments. Once your design is digitised, it will be kept on file for future orders so that you will not need to pay this charge again. The charge for embroidering your logo or text is calculated by approximating a stitch count – the number of stitches required in order to accurately embroider your design. Generally, the larger it is, and the more colours integrated in your design, the greater the cost.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at: sales@activityworkwear.co.uk